The main goal of Semsom restaurant is to spread the Lebanese cuisine worldwide. Semsom’s four main values are integrated in the design in various ways. The Lebanese touch with a twist is reflected in the design by choosing raw wood material with blat Chaya and vintage greenery elements which also create a warm feel for the customers. The placement of greenery highlights one main value of Semsom which is “be better every day”. The whole atmosphere of the store emphasizes and creates a feeling of “love” and home which is another main value of Semsom. Unique table designs with drawers for self-service were customized specifically for Semsom to “know what’s inside” Since Semsom’s location is in ABC Verdun and the two main elements of ABC Verdun are the two huge metallic canopies, these two elements were replicated on a smaller scale to create a sense of belonging, loyalty and connectivity to the location that Semsom is situated in. By creating all these together, we indirectly played around the five senses of the customer triggering every sense to accomplish Semsoms’ vision and goal.